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Legal side of getting a fake doctor's note





The internet has made it easier for a lot of people to do a lot of things. There are countless websites today which even offer fake doctor's notes. And the best part is that people are willing to use fake doctor's notes to help justify their absence from office or from school. You could say that such websites have been created to cater to a demand which already exists and therefore, questioning their legality can be a little tricky.


People generally don't worry about using fake notes and the main reason for this stems from the fact that they don't really know the risks involved. For example, just imagine what would happen if the school or office could figure out that the doctor's notes were fake. A person is also liable to get arrested as forging the signature of a practicing physician or doctor is considered forgery. There have even been cases where people have faced hefty fines as well as jail time just for forging someone’s signature. You could end up losing your job or being expelled from school or college.


A lot of offices today employ strict termination policies based on attendance as well. An employee with a poor record can be terminated without any other fault. These policies are usually based on points with employees having to accumulate a certain number of points before being terminated. A lot of people just resort to fake doctor's notes to avoid reaching this limit.



But even though fake doctor's notes are illegal, a lot of people still try and get authentic notes off the internet and just fill in their personal details before submitting the notes at their workplace. What these people don't understand is that being absent from work can lead to termination from their job while a phony doctors note, if found out, may lead to termination of their job and most probably jail time too. Is it really worth the risk?



A lot of people try to justify their actions saying that it is the termination policies of most companies which force them to resort to these methods. They claim that if their employers were a little more empathic and willing to understand their situation it would be much easier for them to get some time off work and the main reason to use fake doctor's notes would be eliminated altogether.



Therefore, it is very important for you to consider the various advantages and disadvantages of using fake doctor's notes before actually doing so. It's not just the legalities you need to worry about. It's also an ethical dilemma. Some people may find this hard to live with. If you do choose to resort to fake doctor's notes, make sure you have the stomach to go through with it and don't back out in between. That is the worst thing you can do and it will put you at risk or losing your job and much more as well.






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